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CEN試験番号:CEN 問題集無料
試験科目:「Certified Emergency Nurse」

>> CEN 問題集無料


NO.1 You are caring for a patient in a crisis state. What would you want to consider when planning
care for this patient?
A. All individuals experiencing a crisis will have the same symptoms.
B. Each person reacts differently to a crisis.
C. The patient is suffering from an emotional illness if they are in a crisis state.
D. The patient is suffering from a mental illness if they are in a crisis state.
Answer: B

CEN 受験記   CEN 研修   
Explanation: Each individual response to a crisis is different. Different patients will not necessarily
with similar symptoms when they are in crisis. What constitutes a crisis for one person may not be
same for another person.

NO.2 You are caring for a heart failure patient who suddenly developed symptoms that include
shortness of
breath, increased respiratory rate, bilateral crackles and frothy sputum. You have notified the
and received orders for the patient. Which activity would be appropriate to delegate to a licensed
practical nurse?
A. Start an IV.
B. Insert a foley catheter.
C. Morphine sulfate 2mg IV push
D. Check vital signs every 15 minutes.
Answer: B

CEN 無料   
Explanation: The RN should delegate the task to the LPN that does not require assessment. Inserting
foley catheter is the least likely to require immediate assessment. The RN should insert the IV and
immediately give IV medications. Vital signs that are taken on a deteriorating patient should be taken
the RN so that immediate assessment can be made.

NO.3 You are working in a community that has just experienced a hurricane. You are trying to find
housing and
counseling for those who need it. Which type of level of preventions are you representing?
A. Primary level
B. Secondary level
C. Tertiary level
D. Forth level
Answer: C

CEN 認定   
Explanation: The tertiary level of prevention is what the nurse is displaying. This is a reduction in the
amount and degree of disability, injury and damage following a crisis. The other options are incorrect

NO.4 You are caring for a patient who has been receiving a blood transfusion for the last 30 minutes.
assessment, you find the patient to be dyspneic and show bilateral crackles and a heart rate of 110.
Which of the following complications do you suspect the patient is experiencing?
A. Polycythemia vera
B. Immune response
C. Fluid overload
D. Hypovolemia
Answer: C

CEN 問題集   CEN 感想   
Explanation: The patient exhibiting these signs and symptoms is most likely going into fluid overload.
Crackles in the lungs would not be associated with the other options. The physician should be
notified to
get a diuretic for the patient.

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